Best and Worst of SummerSlam 2022: Major storyline to change due to injury, Faction set to break up soon?

Welcome to this edition of Best and Worst of SummerSlam 2022. The show did not disappoint as it provided some intense action. The main event was also an enthralling duel as Brock Lesnar, and Roman Reigns clashed in a Last Man Standing match.

Michael Cole, who seemingly had one of the best nights of his career, was a lively presence as he called the action.

There was a lot of good on the show, seemingly much more than the negatives. So what were the ups and downs of this epic edition of SummerSlam? Keep reading to find out:

#4. Best: The opening match of SummerSlam 2022

The opening match of SummerSlam 2022 was nothing short of incredible. Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch delivered on the big stage yet again, and this time, The EST Of WWE put her rival away to seemingly end their feud for good.

The aftermath of the incredible contest was what captured the headlines. Becky Lynch turned face for the first time in nearly a year, embracing Belair and fully accepting her superiority in the ring. Following this, Bayley returned after a year, but she wasn’t alone. She was accompanied by Dakota Kai and Io Shirai (who has now been renamed IYO Sky) to begin a storyline against the RAW Women’s Champion.

Becky Lynch stood alongside Belair to ensure that her now-former rival would not be attacked by the trio. This resulted in Bayley, and her friends leave the ring. However, an unfortunate piece of news is that Becky Lynch may have suffered an injury to her right shoulder, and that might mean a change to the storyline.

#3. Worst: The treatment of The Judgment Day

The Judgment Day lost to The Mysterios in a No-Disqualification Tag Team match, despite having Rhea Ripley by their side. However, it was because the original Judgment Day creator Edge returned to assist The Mysterios in defeating Finn Balor and Damian Priest.

Since Edge left, the faction has seemingly gone downhill, and everybody looks bad coming out of it. Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley arguably looked like they made the wrong decision by betraying somebody who was guiding them, only to replace him and then proceed to lose most of their matches.

The overall handling of the faction could have been better, and fans may not be surprised to see them broken up soon.

#3. Best: Logan Paul delivering in a big way

Logan Paul may have already overtaken Bad Bunny as the best celebrity wrestler in WWE history. Unlike Bad Bunny, however, he has signed a WWE contract and is expected to make a few more appearances.

This isn’t to take away from Bad Bunny, who put on the greatest celebrity performance up until that point. However, Logan Paul has taken it to another level because he is simply that good in the ring. He is a natural and is potentially going to be huge in the world of WWE.

He went up against The Miz at SummerSlam as the two men fought tooth and nail to get one over the other. Paul delivered with some high-flying moves and defeated the Miz with the latter’s Skull Crushing Finale move.

It seems to be a win-win situation for Logan Paul and the WWE. A big congratulations to him for his win against The Miz at SummerSlam 2022.

Io Shirai’s NXT run has finally come to an end, and the former champion will now be alongside Bayley and Dakota Kai.

However, the only negative is her name change. She has now gone from Io Shirai to IYO Sky. The reason behind the name change hasn’t been disclosed yet, but whatever be the reason, the WWE Universe is seemingly less than pleased.

WWE should have just stuck to her original name, but they likely wanted to change it for trademark purposes.

#2. Best: Pat McAfee delivers again

Pat McAfee delivered once again on the big stage. His performance against Happy Corbin was incredible, with only the Destroyer finish being a little off. With that said, he is a natural in the ring, and his relationship with Michael Cole seems to have only added to the match.

Cole, as mentioned, arguably had one of his greatest nights as a commentator in WWE. His call made the match even more memorable, and we’re looking forward to what WWE has planned for Pat McAfee and Corey Graves after the former took a shot at the latter following his win at SummerSlam 2022.

#1. Worst: The finish to the SmackDown Women’s Title match at SummerSlam

Liv Morgan vs. Ronda Rousey was probably the low point of SummerSlam 2022. The match itself wasn’t bad, and the story being told was also captivating. There is a legitimate gap in their athletic ability, and that was the story they were playing off.

Perhaps WWE wanted to keep fans happy by having Liv Morgan retain the title for longer, but the finish was underwhelming for the co-main event of a show as big as SummerSlam. The finish of the match saw Morgan taping out to an arm bar while Rousey’s shoulders were on the mat. The referee failed to see the champion tapping out while he counted to three and awarded the victory to Morgan.

With that said, the right call was made to turn Rousey heel as she attacked the champion after the match. However, with the dynamics now shifting, Liv Morgan’s fans may be wondering how many days she has remaining until she loses the title back to Rousey.

#1. Best: One of the greatest main events in SummerSlam history

In what was perhaps one of the greatest main events in SummerSlam history, Roman Reigns defeated Brock Lesnar to end their series. Lesnar defeated him twice in 2018, while Roman Reigns won their last four outings against each other.

But none of their matches have been as good as this. The Last Man Standing bout was as chaotic as one may have expected, but it arguably surpassed any expectations that were set for it.

This was Lesnar’s ninth SummerSlam main event overall, meaning that he has headlined the show more than any other superstar in WWE history. Roman Reigns retained after a brutal war and will face Drew McIntyre at Clash at the Castle.

Will Drew McIntyre be able to get his moment when the two men face off at Clash at the Castle? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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