Popular YouTube celebrity with 23.9M subscribers reacts to Logan Paul’s SummerSlam match

Popular internet celebrity KSI shared his opinion on Logan Paul’s SummerSlam match against The Miz.

KSI and Logan Paul previously locked horns in two boxing matches. Once in amateur competition and then in a professional match. While their first match ended as a majority draw, KSI won the second match via split decision.

Logan Paul defeated former world champion The Miz at SummerSlam and delivered an impressive performance. He made the latter pay for betraying him at WrestleMania, where the two joined forces to face Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik.

Following the show, KSI took to Twitter to praise Logan Paul for his performance. He shared that he is proud of his former rival and current business partner:

“Logan Paul absolutely smashed SummerSlam. I’m super proud of him,” said KSI.

Paul responded to the message by thanking KSI and insisting that it was only the beginning.

Following his major victory at the recently concluded premium live event, Logan Paul will now turn his attention toward the rest of the WWE roster. He signed a multi-year contract with the company and is currently working on RAW.

The Miz and Logan Paul react after the SummerSlam match

The singles match between Miz and Paul potentially marked the end of their feud. Following the show, both took to Twitter to reflect on the result.

Paul shared an alternate angle of his match with fans and said he “loves this s***.”

Meanwhile, The Miz took to his social media account after the loss and said that regardless of the result, he believes he will be better than Logan Paul.

Interestingly, Ciampa, who has been on The Miz’s side since debuting on the main roster, was at ringside during the A-Lister’s match against Paul. His constant interference led to the referee ejecting him from ringside, but he refused to leave. This prompted AJ Styles to attack Ciampa and remove him from the equation.

Do these events hint at an extended tag team rivalry on WWE RAW? Let us know in the comments section below.

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