“Taker is Scared”: Fans React Hilariously as The Undertaker Reunites With Ric Flair And Other Rivals

Fans of professional wrestling have been anticipating this day ever since it was announced. Ric Flair just competed in his final match of a remarkable 40-year career. The Nature Boy’s career in professional wrestling came to an official end, where he unsurprisingly triumphed. The Undertaker, among other well-known figures, attended the occasion as was to be expected.

Taker, his wife Michelle McCool, their little daughter Kaia Calaway, Bret “The Hitman” Hart, and Mick Foley, Diamond Dallas Page, all attended the event, where they all enjoyed the historic match.

The fact that WWE legends came to watch the final match of one of the greatest wrestlers LIVE shows the other wrestlers highly regard The Nature Boy. The social media went into a frenzy as they saw all superstars together.

The last bout of Ric Flair enthralled the crowd as they saw WWE veterans reunited

Many fans started reacting to it on Twitter. Additionally, an admirer said that the picture of the legends in one frame had more than 8K resolution.

Considering that Bret Hart, Taker, Foley, and Flair are undisputed sports legends, many fans find the image to be legendary.

However, given Flair’s bloody demeanor, many fans found Taker’s reaction comical. As one fan put it, the superstar seemed to have urged Flair not to have a bout.

In addition, one fan requested that Hitman should perform his final match versus Goldberg, his rival.

Notably, another admirer notes that Taker looks scared.

One fan who saw Hart and The Nature Boy together says that he always assumed they were rivals.

As it’s commonly known that WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan recently praised Flair and believes that he is the best wrestler, he is dissatisfied that Hogan wasn’t present at the event.


Meanwhile, one fan humorously remarked that Taker appears to be planning a comeback. However, it seems quite impossible at the moment.


Additionally, Ric Flair’s final match was a treat to watch. However, everyone feared for his well-being and hoped that The Nature Boy would ultimately complete the match safely, and he certainly did that.

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