“Gets It from Her Mother”: The Undertaker Humbly Excuses Himself as Daughter Kaia Stuns NBA Champion

The Undertaker was present in Nashville during the SummerSlam weekend. The Deadman had his show scheduled at Wildhorse Saloon one night before the summer’s biggest party.

WWE also held tryouts during SummerSlam week at the same venue where Taker’s show was scheduled. There the WWE Officials saw a surprise entrant, the Los Angeles Lakers forward Dwight Howard for an audition. Moreover, the NBA player also met The Phenom last week while he was in the town for tryouts.

WWE shared a video on their official Instagram account in which The Undertaker and Dwight Howard were seen having a chat. Moreover, Taker’s wife Michelle McCool and his daughter Kaia Calaway also met the NBA star.

Kaia high-fived Howard, who was stunned by such a hard clap from Taker’s daughter. Obviously, the Los Angeles Lakers‘ forward was acting about getting hurt. However, Taker, in a fun way, excused to the NBA star on behalf of his daughter, saying, “She gets that from her mama.”

Taker is a fan of basketball and also played the game during his college days. The Phenom also said to Dwight Howard, “It’s a pleasure to meet you. I enjoy watching you play.”

Howard, who plans to pursue a WWE career after his retirement from basketball, got a compliment from arguably the greatest star in the business. Even though it was for his performance in basketball, the ‘Steel Man’ has made an impression in the eyes of the WWE Hall of Famer.

Moreover, The Undertaker was present at Ric Flair’s last match. He is a great friend of The Nature Boy and witnessed the last time Flair laced up his boots along with his family.

The Undertaker recalls his college basketball career while playing with daughter Kaia Calaway

Recently, in the first episode of season two of WWE Legends Biography Live – The UnderTaker, we saw The Phenom spending quality time with his daughter Kaia Calaway on the basketball court. Kaia knocked out her father on the basketball court.

The father-daughter duo was playing a 21-basket shot knock-out game. The Undertaker and Kaia had a score of 6-2, with Taker’s daughter leading with a score of 6. Taker later talked a bit about his basketball career during his high school days.

He said, “I never played basketball until I was 13. A kid I went to high school with needed somebody else to fill out their YMCA roster and I guess that was me. I was tall”.

The Phenom was planning to pursue a basketball career and play overseas. However, one of the guys at the gym suggested Taker to join him at a wrestling camp. Calaway thought about the same and joined the camp, deciding to pursue professional wrestling.

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