Veteran on Triple H possibly giving Roman Reigns a specific instruction before WWE RAW segment (Exclusive)

Dutch Mantell, formerly known as Zeb Colter in WWE, believes Triple H may have played a part in Roman Reigns’ recent segment with Theory.

On the July 25th episode of RAW, Reigns referenced Vince McMahon’s retirement while addressing Theory during an in-ring promo. The Undisputed Universal Champion told the former WWE Chairman’s protégé, “Your daddy’s not here anymore.”

On Sportskeeda Wrestling’s “Smack Talk” show, Mantell speculated on whether WWE’s new head of creative told Reigns to say the line:

“I did like Roman Reigns’ response to Austin Theory, ‘Your daddy’s not here anymore,’” Mantell said. “That’s the stuff they used to do. I swear that was straight from Triple H right there. ‘Your daddy’s not here.’ Because you hear the crowd? They responded because now they’re in on the story. They feel like maybe he shouldn’t have said that, but he did. Theory did play it right because he looked concerned and his feelings were hurt.” [3:50-4:28]

Mantell discussed several topics in the video above, including Sasha Banks’ autograph session asking price and Sting’s lack of wrestling knowledge.

Dutch Mantell on WWE’s next top stars under Triple H

Vince McMahon retired on July 22nd amid allegations of misconduct. The 76-year-old viewed Theory as the future of WWE, hence why they appeared together in several backstage segments.

With Triple H now in charge of creative, Dutch Mantell is unsure which Superstars will emerge as WWE’s next main-eventers:

“I don’t think we’ve seen them yet,” Mantell said. “I think they’re still to come. I think everybody that’s on the scene right now, I think if they had any worth and value, we’d have already seen them pushed. I can’t testify to that, but I think Theory does have a lot of potential.” [3:24-3:46]

Ciampa was one of The Game’s top talents in NXT for many years. The two-time NXT Champion became the number one contender for Bobby Lashley’s United States Championship on the latest episode of RAW.

Another significant storyline development occurred at SummerSlam when former NXT Superstars Dakota Kai and IYO SKY joined forces with Bayley.

Which superstar is WWE’s next top main-eventer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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