6 Released Superstars who could follow Dakota Kai back to WWE

Dakota Kai made her surprising return to WWE at SummerSlam when she aligned herself with Bayley and Io Shirai. Io Shirai returned as Iyo Sky.

Kai worked as part of Triple H’s NXT. She was released from WWE earlier this year and had already revealed her new name on the Independent Circuit. Many fans believed that she was about to push forward in her next chapter.

Similarly, many former stars could return to the company with The Game at the helm.

#6. Lana

Lana was surprisingly released from the company in the fall of 2021. The star showed improvement in the ring and was an asset to the company with the mic. Lana had several issues after her husband made the move over to AEW. The Ravishing Russian noted several times that Triple H fought for her backstage.

The Game wanted Rusev and Lana to stay together and even gave her the iconic nickname that pushed her forward in WWE. Since her release, Lana is yet to step back into a wrestling ring and could be one of the stars that Triple H contact.

Lana’s managerial skills are transferable to any star. It makes her someone worthy of a second chance.

#5/4. Karrion Kross and Scarlett

Karrion Kross and Scarlett were on the run of their careers in NXT and it was clear that Kross was one of Triple H’s favorite stars. Following his move up to the main roster, Kross was handed a new gimmick, character, and entrance. The company took Scarlett away from him and it was clear that this wasn’t working for him.

Kross and Scarlett have been active outside of WWE since their departure, but the two stars have not yet signed to a long-term deal. The duo would likely return under Triple H and find much more success on the main roster.

#3. Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe was released from WWE back in January after working several matches for the NXT brand. Joe couldn’t be cleared to wrestle again on the main roster. He worked behind the commentary table for a short time before returning to NXT.

Joe has been frustrated throughout his time in WWE and since his release, has made various appearances for AEW and ROH. Joe is currently signed to AEW, but could be approached in the future about a return when his deal is about to expire.

It was well-known that Samoa Joe and Triple H were close friends. The duo even worked together on-screen as part of the feud between Seth Rollins and The Game.

Joe is someone that WWE definitely dropped the ball with, which could now be fixed by Triple H.

#2. Killian Dain

Killian Dain proved throughout his time in NXT that he was a prospect for the future. He was able to bide his time as part of Sanity, but his feud with Pete Dunne proved that he can put on a show when needed.

Dain was another surprise release, his wife Nikki ASH is still a part of the company. It’s likely that there could be a way to convince him to make his return. Dain could have been built into a monster on the main roster if given the chance.

#1. Former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt is someone that the WWE Universe has pushed to return. The Fiend mask was released by the company more than a year ago and is yet to step back into the ring. His future in the business remains uncertain. He is one of the most creative minds of this current generation and his talent shouldn’t go to waste.

Triple H could handle the star differently and give him more freedom if he was to make his return, which could make all of the difference to him. Wyatt was an asset to WWE and could once again be if he makes his return.

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