“If you want her to whip your a**” – 14-time WWE World Champion claims that he is “scared” of Stephanie McMahon in real-life

WWE legend Triple H was recently a guest on Logan Paul’s IMPAULSIVE podcast.

During the conversation, the multi-time world champion spoke about his wife Stephanie McMahon, who was also present in the studio as the interview progressed.

The Game hilariously claimed that he was “scared” of his wife.

“If you want her to whip your a** then go ahead. I’m scared of her, you should be too. You’ve been hit hard, her slap will take your eye out of your head, I’m just saying.” – said Triple H [1:08:34-1:08:50]

In recent weeks, both Triple H and Stephanie have been promoted to crucial roles in WWE.

Following Vince McMahon’s retirement, his daughter became the co-CEO of the company along with Nick Khan. Whereas Triple H was announced as the new Head of Creative.

Triple H’s honest thoughts about replacing Vince McMahon in WWE

During the same conversation, Triple H opened up about replacing Vince McMahon in the company.

According to The Game, replacing the long-term CEO/Chairman seemed like a daunting task. Here’s what he had to say regarding the same:

“Look, I’ll say this about Vince. Massive shoes that I couldn’t even dream of being able to think I could fill” stated Triple H. “The gap there at this moment is massive, but the opportunity to take it in a direction that it’s never gone before is massive. I’m thrilled about that opportunity. We have an unbelievable team that it’s never going to be one person. One person can’t even begin to fill his shoes. It will take an entire team to jump into those shoes because without him, none of this.”

It is quite clear that recent WWE shows have been highly influenced by Triple H. The latest edition of RAW was filled with notable matches featuring some of the most prominent names on the roster at the moment.

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