[Watch] Happy Corbin was thrown towards WWE Hall of Famer’s wife at SummerSlam

Happy Corbin was sent into the barricade at SummerSlam next to where former WWE Women’s Champion Michelle McCool was seated.

The Mayor of Jackpot City collided with SmackDown commentator Pat McAfee at the premium live event, which he lost. The Undertaker’s wife Michelle McCool was at ringside with their daughter. During the bout, they had an unexpected encounter with the former United States Champion.

As you can observe in the video below, Happy Corbin collided with the barricade after being clotheslined over the top rope by Pat McAfee. The barricade did its job of protecting the spectators, and no one was seriously hurt.

Pat McAfee comments on cheating to beat Happy Corbin at WWE SummerSlam

McAfee and Corbin had history going back long before their time in WWE. They used to be roommates during their football careers. The former NFL punter defeated the latter to emerge victorious at The Biggest Party of the Summer, but he broke the rules.

He commented on kicking Happy Corbin in the nuts during their bout at SummerSlam in a backstage interview:

“When I saw that beautiful blonde hair flop after I delivered that right on Corbin’s jaw and he knocked him out of the way, I saw my opportunity to maybe bend the rules a little bit,” Pat McAfee admitted. “It’s only illegal or against the rules if you get caught, and there’s no way Charles was gonna be able to see it because big dumb Bum Ass Corbin’s arm hit him right in the face. So I got lucky there, I enjoy that moment.”

Pat McAfee had a handful of matches in WWE, but all of them have been impressive. He put on a good performance at SummerSlam, and at WrestleMania 38 as well. The crowd was heavily involved in his matches.

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