5 possible directions for Happy Corbin following WWE SummerSlam

Happy Corbin had a difficult night at WWE SummerSlam. He had to battle his former friend and roommate, Pat McAfee. Typically, his confidence seemed relatively high when heading into the event.

In theory, the former United States Champion had every reason to be confident heading into his WWE SummerSlam bout. Corbin has a height and weight advantage over McAfee. Perhaps more importantly, he had a massive in-ring experience advantage over his opponent.

Unfortunately for Happy, Pat McAfee’s natural professional wrestling talent kicked in, and while the two had an extremely entertaining bout, Corbin was on the losing end. This setback for Happy has many fans asking about his future moving forward.

What will Happy Corbin do following his loss at WWE SummerSlam? Could the former United States Champion pursue a title? Could he change brands? Perhaps he’ll shake up his gimmick?

Below are five possible directions for Happy Corbin following WWE SummerSlam.

#5. He could move to Monday Night RAW after his WWE SummerSlam loss

Happy Corbin has been on the losing end of things quite often. He lost in his feud with Drew McIntyre. Corbin then failed in his battles with Madcap Moss and Pat McAfee at WWE SummerSlam.

With bad luck on the blue brand, a change of scenery may be best for the former King of the Ring. Happy Corbin has found success on RAW in the past, where he reigned as Constable. He even retired Kurt Angle.

Unfortunately for the star of Happy Talk, the competition for the red brand is still fierce. Bobby Lashley is the reigning United States Champion. Former NXT Champion Ciampa is the top contender for the title.

Corbin would have his hands full against either opponent. It doesn’t even account for the other top stars on Monday Night RAW. It’d be a challenge, but it still might be his best choice.

#4. Happy Corbin could attempt to win the Intercontinental Championship

Happy Corbin’s only championship during his tenure with the company was the United States Title. He held the belt in 2017 for 70 days.

Hence, the superstar will inevitably want more gold around his waist. The former Money in the Bank contract holder could attempt to win a title he hasn’t yet held on the SmackDown brand. He could challenge for the Intercontinental Championship.

Admittedly, it would be a tall task for Happy Corbin to defeat Gunther. The powerhouse Austrian is one of the most dominant superstars in the industry.

Corbin will likely need momentum on his side to stand a chance against the mighty Ring General. His loss at WWE SummerSlam isn’t the kind of momentum he’d want.

#3. The former King of the Ring could challenge Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman

Happy Corbin has had a lot of history with Roman Reigns. The two battled often and have had several major bouts at premium live events in 2019 and 2020. They have even forced each other to eat dog food in the past.

As noted, Corbin hasn’t had much luck with championships during his time in the company. While there are plenty of titles to pursue, the biggest prize in professional wrestling is undoubtedly the world title.

With The Tribal Chief being the reigning Undisputed WWE Universal Champion following his win over Brock Lesnar at WWE SummerSlam, the two could potentially rekindle their feud. Corbin’s former rival Drew McIntyre is first in line for a title opportunity, but Happy could challenge after WWE Clash at the Castle.

#2. He could form a tag team following WWE SummerSlam



Happy Corbin has attempted to work with superstars throughout his career, but he’s mostly been a singles wrestler.

Despite his incredible ego, Corbin is undoubtedly talented. If he can find a partner he clicks with on a personal level, there’s a chance he could be successful in the tag team contests following WWE SummerSlam. The only caveat is that he’d need to treat his potential partner better than he did Madcap Moss.

If Happy finds a tag team partner, he would like to win the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship. The titles are currently held by The Usos, who have been highly dominant. Still, Corbin, with the right partner, could be a threat.

#1. Happy Corbin can return to being the Lone Wolf

The star of Happy Talk has gone by many names throughout his WWE career. He began as Baron Corbin on NXT and the main roster. Over time, he’d adopt the names Constable Corbin, King Corbin, Happy Corbin, and Bum A** Corbin.

With him frequently changing names and tweaking his gimmick, another change may come following WWE SummerSlam. He has been known as Happy Corbin for a while, and switching things up may be best. A new name is certainly possible with a new direction.

An interesting option could be for Corbin to look back instead of forward. Sometimes, superstars who change personas revert to their old characters. The Undertaker did it with The Deadman persona, and Mick Foley did it as Cactus Jack.

Happy Corbin could once again become The Lone Wolf Baron Corbin. If he were to do so, fans might like him a little more than they do now. If not, the character will at least feel fresh, even if just initially.

What does the future hold for Happy Corbin following his loss to Pat McAfee at WWE SummerSlam? For now, the WWE Universe will have to wait and see.

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