5 Current WWE Superstars who revealed new relationships in 2022

Whilst WWE’s talent pool has become smaller over the past few years, the wrestling world has seemingly only gotten bigger and now there are many couples who are split between promotions.

Several married couples have already split between WWE and AEW, but there are now a few who are split across IMPACT and the Independent circuit as well.

It’s been an interesting year for WWE and several of its superstars, with many revealing that they have started new relationships over the past eight months.

#5. Sonya Deville and Toni Cassano

Sonya Deville has dated several women since the beginning of her WWE career, including Zahra Schreiber and Arianna Johnson, who she was in a relationship with throughout her time on Total Divas.

Earlier this year, whilst attending the premiere of Stranger Things season 4, the former WWE official unveiled her new girlfriend to the world. The loved-up couple were spotted kissing on the red carpet before Deville revealed that she was happy for her relationship to be out in the public eye.

“I always want to make sure that [Cassano] is comfortable and OK with being on the red carpets, in front of the cameras, in front of the paparazzi … So we’ve had that conversation. We’re on the same page, so it works out. We get to share our fitness journey and everything that we have going on together, so it’s been really fun,” via Sportskeeda.

#4/3. WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther and NXT UK star Jinny

Gunther has been on an incredible push on the main roster over the past few months and is still undefeated. The new Intercontinental Champion is set to become one of SmackDown’s heavy-hitters in the future, but it appears that his life off-screen has also become a topic of conversation in recent months.

It was rumored that Gunther and NXT UK star Jinny were dating in the fall of 2021, the speculation was later confirmed, and it is also rumored that the couple have been recently married in a secret wedding ceremony. Jinny updated her private Facebook status to married and changed her name to Gunther’s real surname, which has got the wrestling fanbase talking.

The couple have also begun sharing more photos online in recent months.

#2. Rhea Ripley and Buddy Matthews

Rhea Ripley has become one of the most talked about female wrestlers in WWE in recent months after joining forces with Damian Priest and Finn Balor in Judgment Day. Whilst Ripley’s on-screen antics have got wrestling fans talking, the former Women’s Champion has also made her own revelations online that she is now in a relationship with former star Buddy Matthews.

Matthews was known as Buddy Murphy whilst working for WWE but has since made the move over to AEW. The couple took to Instagram ahead of SummerSlam to note that they were now another couple split across promotions too.

#1. Madcap Moss and Tenille Dashwood

Madcap Moss is being pushed as one of the next big stars on SmackDown after breaking out from his role alongside Happy Corbin. Outside of the ring, there isn’t much known about Moss, but it was recently revealed by former WWE Superstar Tenille Dashwood that she is now in a relationship with the star.

Dashwood, who was once known as Emma, shared the announcement on her Instagram page yesterday. It was unknown if the couple were dating until she revealed, which means that there able to keep their relationship under wraps for some time.

Dashwood was previously known to have been in a relationship with Zack Ryder before he moved on to a relationship with Chelsea Green.

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