“You like that, don’t you?”- Details on former WWE female star grabbing Paul Heyman by the throat

Former WWE star Shelly Martinez, also known as Ariel, recalled the time she grabbed Paul Heyman by the throat.

Shelly worked with Paul Heyman during her time in OVW, WWE’s developmental territory at the time. The 42-years-old recently revealed that she was initially looked down upon by Heyman as the latter presumed her wrestling abilities were sub-par.

During a recent chat with Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Shelly shared a backstage story where she decided to confront Heyman for doubting her talent:

“One time, Heyman, I was just getting tired of him. I was getting tired of him talking down to me and so I thought, you know what, I’m going to approach him. So I went up to him and grabbed him by the throat and I pushed him up against the wall. I said, ‘You like that, don’t you? Now you’re going to stop talking s*it to me, aren’t you?’ And he was like [grasps] and I saw Al Snow from the corner of my eye going ‘yeaah.’ I just like put like that and I started walking and I was like, don’t turn around, don’t turn around and I opened the door and slammed it. After that, Heyman always treated me well.” (from 1:56 to 2:31)

Shelly martinez was obsessed with Paul Heyman during her early WWE days

Shelly Martinez signed with the Stamford-based promotion in 2005 where she initially reported to OVW. It was during that time that Paul Heyman was appointed as OVW’s creative director/producer.

The former WWE star recently revealed that she was very obsessed with Roman Reigns’ special counsel at one point in time:

“Most people, first of all, they see my look and automatically think that I just want to be on TV. I’m not sure what [Jim] Cornette’s opinion of me was because I didn’t really have much interaction with him. But with Heyman, I knew he was a big fan of my looks. There was a time when I went through like a huge obsession with Heyman. I would have slept with him at one point, that’s how obsessed I was.”

Shelly was a part of OVW until 2007. She also appeared on ECW before getting released from her contract in May 2007.

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