Paul Heyman says current star is the “greatest performer in WWE history”

Paul Heyman feels that Roman Reigns is the greatest star in WWE history, an accolade The Tribal Chief has seemingly achieved in the last few years.

Reigns has been on a hugely successful run in the Stamford-based promotion as The Tribal Chief, a gimmick he debuted in 2020 after turning heel. He currently holds the Universal and WWE Championship simultaneously.

In his recent appearance on the MackMania podcast, Paul Heyman stated that Reigns’ Tribal Chief gimmick has established himself as the greatest in the promotion’s history.

“Here’s a conversation that Roman Reigns and I like to have quite often. And the conversation is something along the lines of, I inform him of my honest opinion, which is, I think in my heart of hearts, Roman Reigns is the GOAT. I think he’s the greatest performer in WWE history,” said Heyman. [From 9:41 to 10:06]

Heyman attempted to justify his claim, praising the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion’s on-screen aura:

“The declarative statement that Roman Reigns as the GOAT is factual because he has embraced it, because he knows it, because every step he takes is with the mindset that he is the greatest of all time and that he has to live up to that every micro-moment that he’s on camera or he’s not the greatest of all time,” said the wiseman of The Tribal Chief. [From 12:46 to 13:12]

Heyman believes that Reigns has to, at all times, cement, embrace and acknowledge his position as the greatest of all time.

Roman Reigns has held the WWE Universal Championship for over 700 days

Reigns has held the Universal Championship (now known as the Undisputed Universal Championship) for over 700 days, winning it at the Payback show in August 2020.

The Tribal Chief has defeated Hall of Famers and former world champions in his incredible run and unified the world titles at WrestleMania earlier this year.

In the above interview, Heyman stated that the next goal for Reigns is to cross the 1000-day mark with the world title. The Tribal Chief will next have to navigate past Drew McIntyre, whom he will face at the Clash at the Castle show in September. Fans will have to wait and see if Reigns can potentially achieve the milestone.

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