“We’ll give him a title match” – Paul Heyman says Roman Reigns will agree to face 8-time WWE champion

WWE’s Paul Heyman has stated that he will counsel Roman Reigns to face The Rock if The People’s Champ decides to return to the company.

Reigns, who has been one of the top stars in WWE over the last few years, has dominated and brushed aside everyone in his path. His sternest test will surely come when he faces one of his own – The Rock, in the near future.

While speaking on the MackMania podcast, Heyman was asked about the rumored dream match between Reigns and The Rock. The Special Counsel of The Tribal Chief said that he would advise Reigns to face The Rock, but warned the legend that he will, like everybody else, acknowledge The Tribal Chief.

“I mean, listen, if Dwayne Johnson wants the publicity to lose to Roman Reigns, we’ll give him a title match. He doesn’t even have to wait in line or win a battle Royal or whatever, there’s box office there. I’m impressed with what Dwayne Johnson has done outside of WWE and I would counsel Roman Reigns that we could make a special provision to defend the title and smash Dwayne Johnson. Dwayne Johnson wants to take that beating, he is more than welcome to step up to The Tribal Chief, as long as he understands that when the match is over, he’s going to be like everyone else, and that he’s going to acknowledge The Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns,” said Heyman. [From 14:32 to 15:10]

Heyman, in an interview with Sportskeeda earlier this year, said that rumors of The Rock vs. Reigns are all a fantasy at the moment.

“It’s masturbatory fantasies until there’s a piece of paper in front of us with Dwayne Johnson’s signature on it,” said Heyman.

The Special Counsel of Reigns’ also stated that it’s a fantasy of The People’s Champ to get the “rub” from the world champion. If this match does happen, it’s widely speculated that it will take place at WrestleMania next year, which is set to be held in Hollywood.

If you use any of the above quotes, please credit MackMania and H/T Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription.

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