“I didn’t have a heads up” – WWE star on the Brock Lesnar tractor incident at SummerSlam


Corey Graves has given his version of events after Brock Lesnar used a tractor during his match against Roman Reigns at WWE SummerSlam last weekend.

Lesnar slowly drove the vehicle to ringside at the start of the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match. He used it as a weapon throughout the grueling encounter, including one moment when he lifted up the ring to send his opponent flying.

Speaking on his “After The Bell” podcast, Graves confirmed that he was not given any warning before the event about the incredible stunt. The commentator also recalled how he legitimately leapt backward when Lesnar drove the tractor against the ring and toward the announce table.

“[Lesnar] pushed it about four feet directly at the commentary desk,” Graves said. “I didn’t have a heads up. Nobody said, ‘Hey, be careful, Brock might kill you.’ I don’t think my feet touched the ground. I went from a seated position in my chair to the top of the barricade, where I nearly spilled out into the WWE fans.”

Reigns emerged victorious in the 23-minute Last Man Standing clash. Moving forward, the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion’s next title defense will be against Drew McIntyre. The match is set to take place at Clash at the Castle on September 3.

WWE Hall of Famer saved Corey Graves from Brock Lesnar

Legendary musician Kid Rock was seated in the front row behind the commentary desk at SummerSlam.

Corey Graves added that the WWE Hall of Famer prevented him from landing awkwardly after Brock Lesnar charged the tractor against the ring.

“Had it not been for my unlikely savior, WWE Hall of Famer Kid Rock, who was seated almost directly behind me, and one of his lady friends, luckily they were there because they stopped me from crashing onto the back of my head jumping into the crowd, because I was horrified at watching the ring.”

Graves felt for many years that John Cena vs. Umaga at the 2007 Royal Rumble was the best Last Man Standing match of all time. However, he believes the SummerSlam battle between Lesnar and Reigns “gave them a run for their money.”

Was Lesnar vs. Reigns the greatest Last Man Standing match ever? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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