WWE legend breaks silence on The Undertaker leaving him out of his Hall of Fame speech


WWE legend Mick Foley recently spoke about The Undertaker’s Hall of Fame speech from earlier this year.

On April 1st, 2022, The Phenom was finally inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. During his speech, he thanked legends like Shawn Michaels and Triple H. However, to the surprise of many fans, the Deadman did not mention Foley, who Taker shared many iconic moments in the ring with.

Speaking on Foley Is Pod, Mick stated that The Undertaker’s omission from his speech did not disappoint him.

“I think it’s a lot to do about very little. Maybe it’s not nothing. The sad part for me is that people took exception with my daughter just innocently saying it was a great speech, but I wish he mentioned my dad.” Foley added: “Look, I never expect a mention. That’s my feeling – glass half-full guy. I never expect it, but it’s always nice when it happens. So, if somebody asked me, would I have liked him to mention my name? Yeah, sure, that would have been really nice. But I’m not gonna say I’m disappointed because I don’t expect it.” H/T 411 Mania

Mick Foley and The Undertaker shared one of the most iconic moments in wrestling history in 1998 after the Deadman threw his opponent off the top of the cell, creating a moment that will last forever.

The Undertaker addresses not mentioning Mick Foley at the Hall of Fame

As somebody who wrestled in WWE for over 30 years, the Phenom was involved in countless memorable feuds.

During a recent interview with Bleacher Report, The Undertaker said he was sorry to any fans who felt upset that Foley was left out of his Hall of Fame speech.

“I love Mick Foley,” he continued. “I think what we did will outlive the test of time as far as our angle. But then I can talk about Edge and so on. I haven’t talked to any of those guys. I hope they didn’t get their feelings hurt, but it wasn’t about all that. It was about my journey and the things I’ve learned through those 30-plus years that I was trying to share and help people in their lives and thank the WWE Universe. That’s what it was all about. If anyone was offended, I’m sorry.” H/T Inside The Ropes

Foley and The Undertaker’s friendship seems to be in great stead as the two legends were seen ringside last weekend at Ric Flair’s Last Match.

Where you surprised that The Deadman didn’t mention Mick Foley at the Hall of Fame? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below.


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