Possible threat at Clash at the Castle, yet to fight an 11-time World Champion? – Top 5 dream matches for Roman Reigns that are yet to happen in WWE

Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns has had numerous dream matches since his main roster debut in 2012. His impressive career includes victories against AJ Styles, Brock Lesnar and even The Undertaker.

The Tribal Chief has negated almost every major superstar from RAW and SmackDown. He is now reigning supreme in WWE, having racked up multiple wins against each opponent. However, there are still some exciting superstars he hasn’t gotten his hands on, which also encompasses NXT.

In this list, we will look at the top five dream matches for Roman Reigns that are yet to happen in WWE.

#5. Gunther

Gunther has been IC champ for almost two months now
Gunther has been IC champ for almost two months now

Current Intercontinental Champion Gunther is regarded as the most dominant recent arrival on WWE’s main roster. He is on an impressive win streak, bullying opponents with his brute strength and strategy.

It’s only a matter of time before The Ring General reaches the pinnacle and meets Roman Reigns. He could give the Undisputed Champion a run for his money, especially after he loses the Intercontinental title. Gunther’s focus would seemingly then be shifted to getting his first world championship, a step further than his previous title reign.

The Ring General could put an end to the dictatorial rule of The Tribal Chief, thereby establishing his own supremacy on the main roster. WWE needs a suitable successor for The Head of the Table and Gunther could turn out to be a perfect choice.

#4. NXT Champion Bron Breakker

On the April 4 edition of RAW, Bron Breakker dethroned Dolph Ziggler to kickstart his second reign as NXT Champion. The powerhouse is now successfully defending the gold with both submission moves and grappling techniques.

Breakker’s varied arsenal has proven to be a major threat to his opponents, having even defeated LA Knight in his debut match in NXT. The impressive 24-year old might be next on Triple H’s list of callups to the main roster, making the transition permanent by drafting him to RAW or SmackDown.

The youngster has a flair for reigning as champion and has dominated NXT so far. However, once he is promoted, it might not be a smooth sail to the top. Bron Breakker will be tested by Roman Reigns in a a match showcasing two powerhouses fighting desperately to rule WWE for themselves.

#3. Omos

The Giant from Nigeria
The Giant from Nigeria

Having started his career near the top alongside AJ Styles, Omos is now apparently sliding to the bottom. The seven-foot giant used to manhandle opponents with his sheer size and power, but coming out on the losing end of feuds does not bode well for his reputation.

Speaking of reputation, Roman Reigns recently completed 700 days as champion. The last man standing at SummerSlam is the most dominant force in the company as of present. However, this could change if WWE gives Omos a huge opportunity to refuel his career by fighting Reigns for the gold.

Whether he defeats The Tribal Chief or not, Omos’ push as a challenger could be beneficial as a boost to the main event scene. He will showcase his full potential to the audience and focus on other titles later on.

#2. Roman Reigns vs The Rock

This clash of cousins has been teased multiple times. Yet, there is no confirmation on whether The Rock will be available for WrestleMania 39. Fans are still hopeful about his return to the ring for a one-on-one with the dominant Roman Reigns.

The build-up to the electrifying fight is already in motion due to Paul Heyman’s frequent jibes at The Brahma Bull. He is of the opinion that Roman Reigns will give “Dwayne” a beating to remember, forcing him to acknowledge the supremacy of The Tribal Chief. The time is ripe for The Rock to prove The Wiseman wrong.

The People’s Champion infamously ended CM Punk’s title reign in 2013, and the same could be the case with Roman Reigns. He is a fitting new Head of the Table before WWE finds a worthy opponent capable of defeating him. The company could even renew The Rock and John Cena’s rivalry with Roman Reigns playing the third party.

#1. Karrion Kross at WWE Clash at the Castle

Tick Tock to Clash at the Castle?
Tick Tock to Clash at the Castle?

The recent episode of SmackDown was memorable for many reasons. Shayna Baszler earned a title opportunity at Clash at the Castle after winning a Gauntlet match, and so did Shinsuke Nakamura for the Intercontinental Championship next week. The star-studded event was made better by the arrival of Karrion Kross along with Scarlett Bourdeaux.

The dreaded hourglass set in front of The Tribal Chief highlights that the former NXT Champion is coming after him. Although Roman Reigns is set to face Drew McIntyre at Clash at the Castle, Kross’ entry has made things exciting between the three. WWE could be planning a triple-threat match for the gold at the upcoming event.

Karrion Kross has been a dominant force throughout his run in NXT. If the newcomer is booked for Cardiff, he could be a significant threat to Roman Reigns’ title reign and may even become the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion after his return to the main roster.

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