The arrest of Roman Reigns for Attempted Murder.

χLess than an hour ago, at the WWE Great Balls Of Fire PPV, Roman Reigns was a sore loser, he lost to Braun Strowman, and then proceeded to spear him after the match, send him into the ambulance, pushed the driver out, drove it backstage and and drove it into the back of a trailer. The man left an injured victor, trapped in a ambulance for a solid 10+ minutes. We need to have this happen. OOOWWWAAAAHHHH


(P.S. For the WWE fans who can’t take a joke and want to report my personal Twitter account, this is clearly a JOKE, and you’re all actual idiots for thinking otherwise, aka all the stans on twitter who are out there trying to get a pop at me, when the rest of us all know it’s a joke. But fine, I don’t care, ruin a joke your communities bubble doesn’t understand.)



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