The Undertaker Finds Another Source of Income Post WWE Retirement

It seems like Undertaker is still making big bucks, even after the retirement from WWE. The former WWE star bid farewell to the company on 22 November 2020. The Deadman is in the golden years of his life and enjoying his post-retirement life.

But even without a retirement plan from WWE, he’s still managing to make money by signing his 1991 rookie cards. It’s nothing new for WWE superstars to sell their signed merch, but Taker took these things to a new level. The Hall of Famer is charging $499 to sign any of his 1991 rookie cards.

The Fiterman Sports Group is selling The Undertaker’s signed merch under the section Undertaker Exclusive. The highest item is in his signed ‘Thankyou Taker’ action figure for $799.99. And when it comes to The Undertaker, fans are willing to spend a fortune on his signed merch.

But the reselling value of the merch is even higher than the original price. To financially stay strong, the WWE stars usually do these things since Vince McMahon didn’t plan a retirement scheme for them.


The Undertaker opens up about his retirement plans 

As the longest-tenured wrestler in company history at 30 years, Mark Calaway never failed to amuse the fans. Whether it was ‘The American Badass’ or ‘The Lord of Darkness’, he always stayed true to his character.

Taker shared his plans while talking on the Joe Rogan podcast. “I’ve dedicated my whole life to this business. There’ll be times when I help out and maybe mentor some guys, but I’ve gotta find out what I’m passionate about and still earn a living. Right now my goal is to be the best outdoorsman I can be at the point. I’ve always loved hunting and fishing and doing all that. I just haven’t had time.” 

Well, it seems like he found a decent way to earn a living. Charging money for meeting the fans and selling signed autographs is a suitable exchange between fans and celebrities. A souvenir from their idols is something a fan would cherish for a long time, and the stars also get to make a little money from this. It’s a win-win kind of situation for both parties.

The WWE legend has entertained his fans for a long time, and it’s good to see him enjoying his time during his advancing years. And if this gig doesn’t work out, he can always make a comeback on WWE.

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