WATCH: Most controversial WWE promos of all time

Controversy is something common in WWE and its superstars are all well aware of it. In the Attitude Era, watching a non-questionable segment must have felt weird. As time has passed, the promotion has tried to distance itself from such segments, but not entirely.

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One of the best ways to garner heat is by cutting a controversial promo. Many daring stars have mocked the fans, their co-workers and even their bosses.

Watch the video above to find out more about these five promos which stunned the fans.

These WWE promos are widely regarded as the most controversial ones

The five promos we have chosen in the list for the video above are:

John Cena mocks Roman Reigns

Kurt Angle loves to play with boys

Paige pushes Charlotte Flair to the edge

Chris Jericho roasts Stephanie McMahon

CM Punk’s pipebomb

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