“The Undertaker Came Running In”: Ric Flair Reveals WWE Legend Saved His Life After Last Match

Ric Flair recently did the impossible and hence, turned the heads of wrestling fans. He proved why he is the highest in the game, like an ace of spades. ‘The Nature Boy’, 73, competed in his last wrestling bout. While it could have turned out to be an unfortunate event, ‘The Undertaker’ stepped up and saved him.

In a recent Ric Flair podcast ‘To Be The Man’, he revealed that during the bout he passed out twice due to dehydration.

On the podcast, he asserted he endured rigorous, stringent disciplinary training. His goal was to weigh 220 pounds before the event, but he dehydrated himself quite a lot the day before the fight. Thus, ended up weighing 217 pounds when he entered the ring.

As the game went on, he began to feel lightheaded and sick. He passed out for around 10 seconds while still in the middle of a fight.

Moreover, he described how he passed out for the second time. He mentioned when the guitar came, at that moment, he was unconscious again and went completely black.

The Undertaker rushed in to save Ric Flair

Even though Ric Flair passed out twice during the fight, he completed it. He also expressed how The Undertaker came over to help him post the wrestling bout.

He stated, “It was all about dehydration. I had two doctors in there right away with me and everything and The Undertaker came running in. I had like six beers there. He took them out of my hand and said, ‘You’re drinking two Gatorades first.’ So I drank two and that was all it was. I underestimated the importance of keeping hydrated. [H/T: WrestlingNews.co]

Given his advanced age and prior health problems, it was difficult for him to take the physical toll that comes with professional wrestling. Thus, things could have gone wrong. Fortunately, he managed to win the match without any further issues.

When the WWE scheduled a farewell show for ‘The Nature Boy’ in 2008, Taker was also present. Therefore, ‘The Undertaker’ showed his respect and admiration for him.

What do you think about Taker stepping up to help Flair? What are your thoughts on Flair’s last match? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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