WWE News Roundup – Stephanie McMahon seemingly found 8-time Champion smoking marijuana; Star unhappy with Brock Lesnar match; Will a 63-year-old legend end his retirement for ‘Saudi money?’

Welcome back to Sportskeeda Wrestling’s daily WWE News Roundup. As always, we have compiled some of the top stories that the wrestling faithful have been discussing online.

A WWE Hall of Famer recently opened up about the time he bumped into Stephanie McMahon after smoking marijuana with Snoop Dogg backstage. A retired legend also revealed whether he would consider wrestling again for a big-money WWE match in Saudi Arabia.

We wrap up the latest news roundup with a top WWE star explaining why he is unhappy with his recent Brock Lesnar match.

#1. Road Dogg on Stephanie McMahon finding him outside Snoop Dogg’s room

Road Dogg’ Brian James had the opportunity to spend time with several top celebrities behind the scenes in WWE. During this week’s episode of The Wrestling Outlaws, the eight-time champion in WWE recalled smoking marijuana with Snoop Dogg.

The American rapper is a part of the celebrity wing of WWE’s Hall of Fame and has been making special appearances for the company for many years.

Brian James recently spoke about “getting high” with the legendary musician and what happened soon after when he interacted with Stephanie McMahon. Here’s what the WWE legend revealed on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s podcast:

“All those stars you talked about that came through; I also got high with Snoop Dogg right next to when Jesse The Body [Ventura] was the Governor of Minnesota. He was there; he had secret service outside his door… pot was just billowing everywhere. Then I walked out of the room, and there was Stephanie McMahon. There was smoke everywhere, and I said, ‘Snoop Dogg’s smoking pot in there.’ I just threw him under the bus!” [6:36-7:04]

This week’s Wrestling Outlaws featuring Vince Russo and Brian James revolved around their experiences of working under Vince McMahon as they shared some exciting stories from the past.

#2. Kevin Nash is not interested in returning for another match

Kevin Nash has stayed away from the squared circle since his one-off match for Big Time Wrestling (BTW) in 2018. Big Daddy Cool has maintained an impressive physique despite being 63 years old, and fans have often urged him to consider returning for another match.

The WWE Hall of Famer addressed the topic on his podcast this week and shot down any possibility of him ending his in-ring retirement. Ric Flair recently made a great payday by wrestling in his’ last match’, and a few other veterans are expected to follow the Nature Boy’s path.

Kevin Nash isn’t one of those legends, as the former nWo member would not even wrestle again for “Saudi money,” as he honestly stated below:

“People don’t — I love when people come up to me and they go, ‘Man, you still look pretty jacked. I think you’ve got one more [match] in you. I don’t. The f***ing thought of my f***ing rickety-a** body hitting that f***ing wood. Like, nah, man, not even for f***ing Saudi money. You could come to me with half a million bucks, let me take two bumps, f*** you. What am I gonna do with that? Let me put that in the bank with the rest of my f***ing money I don’t spend.” (H/T: WrestlingNews.co)

Did you check out what Kevin Nash had to say about his famous photo with Amber Heard? You can read more on that right here.

#3. Bobby Lashley has “unfinished business” with Brock Lesnar in WWE

Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar’s long-awaited dream match finally happened earlier this year at Royal Rumble, and it wasn’t what most fans would have expected it to be.

Lashley won the WWE Championship after Paul Heyman turned on Brock Lesnar and joined hands again with Roman Reigns. The Royal Rumble angle heavily focused on the rivalry between Reigns and Lesnar, and Bobby Lashley recently revealed that he is not satisfied with how the match turned out.

The United States Champion appeared on Ryan Satin’s Out of Character podcast and explained his problems with the build-up to his showdown against Lesnar. Lashley felt that WWE could have done a lot more from a creative standpoint to flesh out a storyline between him and the Beast Incarnate.

Here’s what The All-Mighty had to say:

“It wasn’t the match I wanted because like, there’s a lot of things that were involved there, man. For me, with him, it’s a bigger story than just a couple of weeks, and we’re into a pay-per-view, and it’s more than just that. I want to train for that match like I’m training for a fight. I need the six weeks; I need the eight weeks. There’s a lot of stuff that we could’ve done going into that match. People want to see us fight, people want to see us wrestle, they want to see it all. We could’ve given them all of that within a couple of months, but we didn’t. So, there still is a lot of unfinished business there.” (From 20:53 to 21:36)

Despite Vince McMahon’s ousting as the creative head, WWE is still known to love its rematches, and we could potentially see Lesnar vs. Lashley again in the future.

Would you like to see the former world champions battle it out again? Sound off in the comments section below.

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