“Pittsburgh has two legends” – Hall of Famer reacts to Kurt Angle’s WWE RAW appearance (Exclusive)

Kurt Angle made a cameo on WWE RAW in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this week. Hall of Fame journalist Bill Apter showered much praise upon the living legend and even compared him to the legendary Bruno Sammartino.

Kurt Angle and Edge created their legendary backstage segment once again. Angle also had a segment with WWE RAW star Chad Gable where the two men engaged in a shoosh-off. Universally, audiences worldwide remarked on how hale and hearty The Olympic Gold Medalist looked.

“Pittsburgh has two legends. They are the great Bruno Sammartino, who we sadly lost years ago. The other beloved city son is Olympic hero and multi-time pro wrestling champion Kurt Angle.”

This is high praise indeed coming from Apter, who even covered Sammartino’s matches in his prime. Now residing in the state of Pennsylvania, Apter was effusive with compliments for the Pittsburgh native:

“His appearance on RAW thrilled the hometown arena audience beyond his own expectations. It was a night we will, as wrestling fans, cherish and hope we see him in a WWE appearance in the very near future!”

As fans, we can only say that we echo Mr. Apter’s sentiments wholeheartedly.

Will Kurt Angle keep making more WWE RAW appearances frequently?

The answer, unfortunately, is no, at this time. As reported by Dr. Chris Featherstone, this appearance was a one-off affair only.

Considering how Trish Stratus and Kurt Angle have made their presence felt on WWE RAW recently, it is clear that Triple H will continue to bring back his old friends to invite lapsed fans back into the product. Whether or not they will stick around remains to be seen.

Who should follow Kurt Angle to WWE for a special cameo next?

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