WWE Clash at the Castle: 5 Betrayals that could happen – Sami Zayn shows his true colors, long overdue heel turn

Clash at the Castle is set to take over the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, on Saturday night, and impressively there is so much potential for swerves and surprises at the event.

This will be WWE’s first stadium show in the United Kingdom in three decades, so there’s a belief that the company will want to make it memorable.

There is always potential for betrayal in WWE, but with so many titles on the line and Survivor Series fast approaching, here are just five superstars who could take their future into their own hands at Clash at the Castle.

#5. Alexa Bliss turns on Bianca Belair at Clash at the Castle

Ahead of SummerSlam; before Bayley returned to the company, Alexa Bliss made it clear that she wanted the women’s championship. The title picture has been a little crowded over the past few weeks, but Bianca Belair hasn’t defended her title since her win at The Biggest Party of the Summer. The champion will be part of a six-woman tag team match this weekend.

Bliss and Belair are partners in battling Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky, but there is a much bigger picture here, and Bliss knows the process in WWE.

If she wants a shot at that championship, she needs to make a statement, and turning heel on Belair could give her a much quicker shot at the title than standing by her side.

#4. Ronda Rousey costs Shayna Baszler the SmackDown Women’s Championship

Ronda Rousey’s attendance at Clash at the Castle remains up in the air following her recent actions on SmackDown. The former women’s champion watched from the sidelines as her long-time friend Shayna Baszler was allowed to challenge for the championship.

While there is a possibility that Baszler and Rousey could work together in the future, the two want the same title at the moment.

If Rousey is at Clash at the Castle, it’s hard to imagine that she will allow Baszler to take the title. The Rowdy One likely wants revenge on Liv Morgan and to defeat her for the championship.

Rousey’s pursuit could include turning on one of her best friends to ensure she still has a chance of getting her title back.

#3. Pete Dunne makes his return

Butch reverting to his previous gimmick has been teased for several weeks, and he even wears his Pete Dunne “Bruiserweight” attire for an upcoming match on SmackDown. The former NXT UK star has not had the desired effect on the WWE Universe that the company would have expected following his debut on the main roster.

With several other stars being handed their name back and Vince McMahon’s former edict seemingly being scrapped, could the United Kingdom be the perfect place for one of its most popular sons to revert to his iconic moniker?

Sheamus faces Gunther this weekend at Clash at the Castle, and a face turn for Dunne to align himself with Gunther would definitely pop the crowd, especially if he takes the mic and makes it clear that Butch is no longer his name.

#2. Dominik finally turns heel on his father at Clash at the Castle

It has been one of the slowest burning feuds in WWE history. Rey Mysterio and Dominik have been on a collision course for over a year, with slight hints and teases that there is a crack in their relationship. However, the storyline still fails to be pushed forward.

Rey chose Edge as his partner this weekend over his own son but has asked Dominik to still be in his corner, which is the perfect place for him to turn his back on his father and cost him the revenge he deserves against The Judgment Day.

Dominik and Rhea Ripley have an interesting storyline going on at the moment, and that could be enhanced if he turns heel and joins The Judgment Day this weekend.

#1. Sami Zayn shows his true colors and turns on The Tribal Chief at Clash at the Castle

Sami Zayn has been one of the best things about SmackDown for several weeks. But, there is a reason why he is called “The Master Strategist.” Zayn clearly has a plan and needs to get close to Roman Reigns for it to be executed.

Zayn is finally a member of the Bloodline, and he has proved himself to Reigns, so this weekend could be the perfect place for him to show his true colors and cost him the championship.

It’s unclear if The Usos and Paul Heyman will be in the United Kingdom with Reigns, which means that he could rely on Zayn for backup. However, this may not be the smartest option for him or his championship.

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