5 reasons Malakai aka Aleister Black should return to WWE

Could Aleister Black potentially return to WWE? There was major speculation over the past day that the dark and moody wrestler had asked for his release from All Elite Wrestling. Fans began speculating about what his future might look like, and even if other superstars could have also asked to leave AEW too.

Black first began wrestling in 2002 and joined World Wrestling Entertainment in 2016. The brooding star found major success on NXT, even capturing the brand’s biggest title. His push on the main roster was less steady and he was released from his contract in 2021.

Despite his release, the WWE landscape is dramatically different now compared to when he left. If the rumors of the star requesting his release are true, he may have the goal of returning to World Wrestling Entertainment.

Rumors aren’t always to be believed, however, and there’s a good chance that Aleister Black isn’t leaving All Elite Wrestling in the near future. He was announced for a bout at the upcoming All Out event, which could mean he’s staying with the promotion. Some believe he’s simply finishing up dates before exiting the company.

There are several notable reasons as to why the brooding superstar may be wise to rejoin his old company. Below are 5 reasons Malakai aka Aleister Black should return to WWE:

#5. He could work with his wife

A key reason as to why Aleister Black may choose to leave All Elite Wrestling for World Wrestling Entertainment comes down to love. He is married to WWE RAW superstar Zelina Vega. The couple were married in 2018 and worked together while they were on NXT and the main roster.

Zelina has been away from television for several months due to an injury, but she was allegedly in for a major push once she returns. With her role in World Wrestling Entertainment looking up, she’s likely in no hurry to leave the promotion.

If Black returns to the company, he’ll be able to travel alongside his wife. While the two can clearly keep their marriage healthy and happy working for different companies, the pair may decide life would be a little bit easier if they worked together.

#4. Black has had an underwhelming run in AEW

Aleister debuted for All Elite Wrestling in 2021 on AEW Dynamite. The show had a special episode called “Road Rager”. He appeared under the new moniker Malakai Black and attacked Cody Rhodes and Arn Anderson.

Many felt the talented star was underutilized while working for WWE. As a result of that belief, fans hoped he’d make a bigger splash while working for AEW. Unfortunately, despite the initial excitement, he’s remained relatively stagnant over the past year.

While nobody can know for sure how he feels, there’s a chance that the talented star could be frustrated with his position on the card. There hasn’t been much upward mobility for the brooding star. When wrestlers find themselves plateuing, they often consider jumping to the competition. Sometimes the grass can be greener on the other side.

#3. AEW’s roster is bloated while World Wrestling Entertainment needs stars

While All Elite Wrestling has an extremely devoted fanbase, there is one issue fans and critics often agree on. AEW’s roster is absolutely bloated. Having a bloated roster helps keep things fresh and avoid an over-reliance on rematches. Unfortunately, it can also prevent stars from receiving adequate air time and sustained pushes.

WWE has run into the opposite problem. While the rosters were bloated at one point, the company faced mass budget cuts over the past two and a half years. A large portion of the roster has been released and even with recent hires, there’s still plenty of openings.

World Wrestling Entertainment has seven hours of prime time programming each week. Additionally, the company has shows such as Main Event, Level Up, and soon, NXT Europe. To avoid running into the old issue of constant rematches, WWE needs more superstars. A true star like Black could be a perfect fit.

#2. Triple H is currently in charge in WWE

Some fans may question why Aleister Black would want to return to WWE after his previous experience there. While on RAW and SmackDown, Black repeatedly saw his push started only for it to end quickly there-after. He was also often times kept off television altogether.

Thankfully, this is a new era for World Wrestling Entertainment. Vince McMahon stepped down from his position earlier this year and Triple H is now in charge of both talent development and creative.

With Triple H in charge, Black will likely have a much better time on Monday Night RAW or Friday Night SmackDown. The biggest push of his career came while he was on Triple H’s NXT. There’s a strong chance that The Game will replicate Aleister’s NXT push on the main roster.

#1. Aleister Black can be a major success in World Wrestling Entertainment

The biggest reason why Aleister Black should return to WWE is simply because he’s talented enough to make it. While the aforementioned barrier that was in his path is seemingly removed with Triple H in charge, there’s more to his potential than just the person in charge.

Aleister Black is a phenomenal professional wrestler. Black’s matches are phenomenal and he matches well with nearly any opponent. He also has a distinct character and knows how he wants it to be portrayed on television.

Black has all of the tools to succeed. He could be a big-time player on RAW or SmackDown if he were to return to WWE. He should seriously consider rejoining the promotion, as Black would likely become a world champion. He has the talent to reach the very top.

Will Aleister Black return to World Wrestling Entertainment in the future? Give your thoughts in the comments section below.

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