WWE Clash at the Castle: 5 Things WWE got right

WWE Clash at the Castle was a memorable, noteworthy, premium live event that lived up to its enormous hype. It was an eventful evening where the superstars told some fantastic stories and put up some stellar matches.

The show’s highlights included a classic thirty-minute main event where Roman Reigns retained his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Dominik Mysterio’s appalling heel turn followed Edge and Rey’s victory over Judgment Day. Meanwhile, Liv Morgan proved herself as a credible SmackDown Women’s Champion against formidable opposition.

With Clash at the Castle in the history books, it is time to break down the event and look at the five things WWE got right.

#5 Gunther retained his WWE Intercontinental Championship against Sheamus

The Intercontinental Championship match at WWE Clash at the Castle was the most physical, brutal, and grueling encounter of the evening. It was a fight between two of the hardest-hitting men in professional wrestling currently.

Gunther delivered on his promise to chop Sheamus to pieces, leaving the latter’s chest scarred with bruises. However, The Celtic Warrior kept coming back for more and put up a valiant effort that won over the UK crowd. Unfortunately for the Irish star, The Ring General retained after hitting his opponent with a massive Lariat.

Although Cardiff and many watching home were on Sheamus’ side, The Austrian Anomaly’s win was an excellent booking decision. The Celtic Warrior’s emotional victory would’ve sent the crowd into a frenzy, but it wouldn’t greatly benefit the promotion in the long run.

On the other hand, Gunther gained considerable credibility by pinning the veteran, and he looks seemingly unstoppable now.

#4 Liv Morgan’s clean victory over Shayna Baszler

Since realizing her dream at Money in the Bank, Liv Morgan has not been booked as strongly as her fans hoped. The SmackDown Women’s Champion’s controversial victory over Ronda Rousey at SummerSlam raised concerns about her credibility as a champion.

Some sections of the audience were hostile toward her for tapping out to The Baddest Woman on The Planet. Her fairy-tale run was a fluke for many, and her days at the pinnacle seemed numbered. However, Morgan silenced all her doubters and proved her credibility at WWE Clash at the Castle.

Shayna Baszler was built as a sinister, sadistic monster adamant about crushing Morgan’s lifelong dream. Baszler even injured the champion’s arm during the contest. However, even with one good arm, the young SmackDown Women’s Champion defeated The Queen of Spades clean in the middle of the ring after a hellacious battle.

The hard-fought win over the former MMA fighter proved that Morgan belongs at the top, and her fairy-tale run is not a fluke.

#3 Dominik Mysterio’s heel turn was brilliantly executed

The night’s biggest surprise was Dominik Mysterio’s well-executed, shocking heel turn. The former SmackDown Tag Team Champion assisted his father and Edge in defeating The Judgment Day but, in an appalling twist, turned on them following the match.

Dominik low-blowed The Rated-R Superstar before clubbing The Master of the 619 with a devastating blow. The 25-year-old Mysterio was visibly confused and frustrated, and fans would have to wait for an explanation for his actions.

However, regardless of the aftermath, the heel turn was a masterpiece in storytelling. Dominik was understandably envious of his father’s loyalty to Edge, who inadvertently Speared him a few weeks ago. He was also upset that Rey Mysterio chose the Hall of Famer over him in the Tag Team Match against Judgment Day.

The heel turn was coming, and WWE made good on the tease, for it was brilliantly executed. It should lead to some exciting developments shortly.

#2 Seth Rollins earned a much-needed victory

The most heated battle on the card was Seth Rollins vs. Matt Riddle. Saying that things were personal would be an understatement; the two men despised each other and tore each other to shreds at WWE Clash at the Castle.

However, Rollins was the better man last night. The Visionary used Riddle’s emotions and frustrations to his advantage, proving himself to be the true mastermind of manipulation and mind games. The former Universal Champion even mocked Randy Orton and berated The Original Bro, causing his rival to blow a gasket.

The Visionary took advantage of a frustrated Riddle, stomping his rival on his way back to the ring. A second Stomp from the second rope put The King of Bros away for a three-count.

Seth Rollins hasn’t secured an impressive win-loss record this year. He lost three back-to-back matches to Cody Rhodes, lost the Elimination Chamber Match, and couldn’t claim the Money in the Bank contract. The much-needed victory at Clash at the Castle was Rollins’ first pinfall win at major events in fifteen months.

#1 Roman Reigns is still the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion

The deck was stacked against The Tribal Chief as Drew McIntyre had the home-field advantage, and The Bloodline was not at ringside. However, Roman Reigns proved he was always one step ahead of everyone when Solo Sikoa interfered to cost The Scottish Warrior his dream.

The crowd was red-hot for McIntyre and heavily booed Reigns. The first-ever Scottish-born WWE Champion took The Head of The Table to the limit, and Cardiff would’ve exploded if he had dethroned The Tribal Chief.

However, Reigns winning was an understandable decision. The Undisputed WWE Universal Champion has been in a league of his own for the last two years, carrying the company on his shoulders and making other superstars relevant. Triple H and his team were wise enough not to let all of that go for the sake of a massive pop that may not have boded well in the long run.

It seems as if Reigns will hold the top championships till WrestleMania 39, where he is rumored to face The Rock in a colossal dream match.

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