Disappointing update on WWE’s rumored plans for Roman Reigns after Clash at the Castle

As per a recent report, WWE currently has no plans in place for Roman Reigns at the Crown Jewel 2022 premium live event.

Roman Reigns defeated Drew McIntyre at Clash at the Castle to retain his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Shortly thereafter, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Radio reported that Reigns isn’t booked to wrestle at WWE’s next PLE, Extreme Rules.

Now, Xero News is reporting that WWE has no plans for The Tribal Chief at this year’s Crown Jewel PLE as well. The report added that plans could change between now and Crown Jewel.

“This is semi correct. Got told yesterday atm there isnt any plans for Roman at crown jewel either this may change closer to the time. For the moment the main focus is on USOS/Solo and Sami. If they dont do a Roman match for crown Jewel then he wont be wrestling until SS,” Xero News noted on Twitter.

Roman Reigns is the biggest attraction in WWE right now

Roman Reigns has been firing on all cylinders since he turned to the dark side at SummerSlam 2020 two years ago. He has consistently been the biggest attraction on the WWE roster ever since then. Reigns has surpassed 700 days as Universal Champion and has held the WWE title for about five months now.

Reigns’ Clash at the Castle opponent Drew McIntyre had the following to say about him embracing his dark side:

“He has been through a change in these years. He used to be somebody I used to respect more than anybody else. There was a time when nobody was on his side but he pushed ahead. He always made those big moments and won those big matches. I really admired that attitude he used to have. But then that Tribal Chief came around and his attitude changed. He surrounded himself with yes men and he got a big head,” he said. [H/T NDTV]

It’s quite hard to fathom that Roman Reigns wouldn’t be a part of two back-to-back WWE PLEs. He holds both the top titles in WWE at the moment. His fans likely won’t be thrilled if he ends up missing both Extreme Rules and Crown Jewel.

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