New Title? Dominik swerve? – 3 Crazy fan theories for WWE RAW after Clash at the Castle

The post-Clash at the Castle episode of WWE RAW comes live from Kansas City in a few hours. Hot off the heels of a very well-received Premium Live Event in Cardiff and a run of great episodes leading up to it, tonight’s RAW is a must-see for many. The three-hour show is expected to address the fallout from the action that went down at the Principality Stadium and kickstart the journey to Extreme Rules.

With the winds of change blowing strong and rumors running wild, sections of the WWE Universe have come up with some outlandish theories about tonight’s RAW. As is usually the case in fantasy bookings, the hypotheses have varied from brilliant to outright insane.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the craziest fan theories surrounding tonight’s episode of RAW

#3: Will The Wyatt Family reunite tonight on WWE RAW?

According to reports, Braun Strowman re-signed with WWE and will be re-introduced on tonight’s RAW. The Monster Among Men was released during the pandemic amidst massive budget cuts, to the surprise of many who thought him perfect for the company’s mold. He has since competed under his birth name, Adam Scherr, and the ring name Titan.

Should the former Universal champion show up on RAW, he may not be coming alone. Former Wyatt family teammate Erick Rowan has reportedly been spotted in Kansas, where the show will be emanating. Rumors about former leader Bray Wyatt never die down, and since the three-time world champion is still a free agent, there’s always a chance of him returning as well.

Even without the irreplaceable Luke Harper, the iconic faction would instantly be a force to reckon with on the roster.

#2: Interim World title for RAW?

Recently, reports have been filtering in about the USA Network reportedly not being happy with WWE due to the lack of a world title on RAW. These reports led to intense speculation that Roman Reigns would not be leaving Clash at the Castle with a title, let alone both. Seeing how the company had a golden chance to put one or both world titles on RAW’s Drew McIntyre in Cardiff but didn’t, the rumors might be a tad over-exaggerated.

However, some fans are convinced that WWE intends to borrow a leaf from rival company AEW and crown an interim champion on RAW. This could be a way to protect The Tribal Chief from being dethroned prematurely. It would ensure that the long-awaited dethronement happens at the right time, putting over the right opponent.

It would also set up a unification feud with the interim champion whilst bolstering RAW’s main event scene in the meantime. Is it likely to happen? No. Would it be the worst idea in the world? You’ll decide that in the poll!

#1: Will Dominik Mysterio’s future take an unlikely turn?

Dominik Mysterio caused one of the biggest stirs of the night at WWE Clash at the Castle by turning heel. The former SmackDown tag team champion attacked his father Rey and the latter’s tag partner for the night, Edge. One of the biggest talking points tonight will be finding out the motivations behind his actions and what the future holds for the young Mysterio.

The prevailing assumption is that the younger Mysterio will join The Judgment Day in continuation of his storyline with them. His dynamic with Rhea Ripley, in particular, will be of interest to many. However, other fan theories suggest that he could align himself with Legado Del Fantasma, who are expected to debut on the main roster soon. It has also been suggested that he will align with a member of the Guerrero family or evolve into a lone wolf persona.

No matter what he does, it will be extremely intriguing to see Dominik step out of the Ultimate Underdog’s towering shadow.

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