5 things WWE RAW got right this week: New champions crowned; Judgment Day stands tall

A loaded episode of WWE RAW kicked off with Seth Rollins entering the ring to address the fans. Later in the night, The Visionary challenged Bobby Lashley to a United States Championship match next week.

Kevin Owens and Austin Theory also had an intense argument on the show. It led to a brawl between the two men, with officials having to separate them before they injured each other.

Damage CTRL challenged Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships on the show. Plus, Bayley was looking to make her way to the RAW Women’s Championship picture.

Johnny Gargano made his triumphant return to the ring while Dexter Lumis found a way to sneak into The Miz’s house. Overall, it was a solid episode that built a lot of rivalries and characters this week.

With that said, look at the five things WWE RAW got right on this week’s episode.

#5. Sonya Deville challenged Bianca Belair on WWE RAW

Bianca Belair came out to the ring to put out an Open Challenge. Sonya Deville answered Belair and blamed The EST for getting her fired as a backstage official.

The match between the two women kicked off soon after, and Belair hit a power move for a nearfall. Deville did not stay down for long and put her opponent in a corner before unloading on her with a few kicks.

The EST powered out and hit a suplex before getting another nearfall off a moonsault. Deville dodged another moonsault and sent Belair into the announcer’s desk outside the ring. She tried to score the win with an inverted DDT, but Belair countered it and hit the KOD for the win.

It was a good performance from Deville, who came across as a threatening challenger. Hopefully, she will get a few more top matches in the coming months.

Bayley came out after the match to talk down The EST and brag about Damage CTRL.

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