WWE reportedly planning for Brock Lesnar to return and face former world champion in Saudi Arabia

Former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar could reportedly be returning to the company for the next Saudi Arabia event to face Bobby Lashley.

The Beast Incarnate last wrestled in the main event of SummerSlam 2022 earlier this year, where he faced Roman Reigns in a Last Man Standing match. After an enthralling battle, The Tribal Chief was able to defeat Lesnar with the help of The Usos to retain his titles. Lesnar has since been on a hiatus from the company.

According to a report from Xero News, there are early plans for The Beast Incarnate to return for the next big Saudi Arabia show. The current pitched idea is for Brock Lesnar to face former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley.

The next WWE Crown Jewel show in Saudi Arabia is set to take place on November 5, 2022.

Bobby Lashley claims to have unfinished business with Brock Lesnar

The All Mighty and Lesnar faced each other earlier this year at WWE Royal Rumble 2022. After a hard-hitting match with some outside shenanigans from Roman Reigns, Bobby Lashley defeated The Beast Incarnate to become the new WWE Champion.

Speaking on Ryan Satin’s Out of Character podcast, Lashley stated that he wasn’t satisfied with their match at Royal Rumble as he wanted a bigger story and more training.

Lashley further highlighted that there’s still a lot of unfinished business between him and Brock Lesnar, hinting at a future rematch.

“There’s a lot of stuff that we [Lashley and Lesnar] could have done in that match. People want to see us fight, people wanna see us wrestle, people want to see us in professional wrestling. They want to see it all. We could have given them all of that within a couple of months, but we didn’t. So there’s still a lot of unfinished business there,” Lashley added.

WWE is known to call back veterans and part-time stars for the shows in Saudi Arabia, and Brock Lesnar has heavily featured in past iterations of these shows.

It remains to be seen whether the former WWE Champion will return to the company at the Saudi event.

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