Absent RAW Superstar sends a message to John Cena By

WWE RAW Superstar Veer Mahaan recently sent a heartfelt message to John Cena, praising him for his positive deeds outside of wrestling.

It’s no secret that apart from in-ring exploits and a thriving Hollywood career, Cena is always at the forefront of humanitarian causes. It’s safe to say that one of the biggest reasons for the 16-time world champion’s global popularity is his relentless efforts to participate in philanthropic activities.

A few minutes back, RAW Superstar Veer Mahaan responded to a tweet, highlighting John Cena’s Guinness World Record for fulfilling 650 wishes through the Make-A-Foundation. Mahaan tweeted a quote by literary icon Mark Twain and added that Cena was a “good man.”

Check out his tweet below:

“The two most important times in your life: When you are born…And when you understand why…..You’re a good man @JohnCena,” tweeted Veer Mahaan.

Veer Mahaan was seen on WWE RAW more than a month back on the show’s August 15th edition, where he won a squash match. A report emerging a couple of weeks back suggested that Triple H and the creative team seemingly have no imminent plans to push the Indian-origin star anytime soon.

Paul Heyman recently praised John Cena

In a recent interview with WrestleRant, Paul Heyman lavished praise on John Cena for his contributions to WWE, terming him a “real-life superhero.”

The WWE legend stated that he disdained Marvel and DC movies since he knew a superhero in real life in the form of Cena.

“I very often told my own children if I catch them watching a Marvel or DC movie because I personally hate Marvel and DC movies. I just hate superhero movies, just hate them, that’s just me and I’m right in my contempting disdain for them, but they ask me why, I tell them because I know a real-life superhero and his name is John Cena,” said Heyman.

Heyman believes that the Hollywood star remains a great representative and ambassador for WWE to this date:

“John is a real-life superhero, flaws and all, that’s a real-life hero, that’s a superhero in my book. And we should all aspire to be the type of interactive community uplifter that Cena is. And that’s why he was such a great, and still remains such a great representative and ambassador for WWE,” added Heyman.

Cena last stepped inside a ring at SummerSlam 2021, where he lost to Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns. His last WWE appearance was at RAW’s June 27th episode, where he celebrated his 20th anniversary with the promotion.

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