5 WWE Superstars other than Bray Wyatt that could be “The White Rabbit” By

WWE has been teasing “The White Rabbit” with QR codes on RAW and SmackDown, as well as music that has been playing at live events and during commercial breaks on Mondays and Fridays shows.

Many in the WWE Universe have linked this to a potential return for Bray Wyatt, and it’s reached the point where it now has to be the former patriarch of The Wyatt Family, given the creativity that has gone into concealing his identity.

At this point, it appears too predictable for Bray Wyatt to be The White Rabbit, and it could instead be a completely different storyline altogether

#5. Finn Balor

While Finn Balor is currently busy in Judgment Day, nothing is stopping him from unleashing a strange character of his own similar to The Demon. WWE destroyed The Demon when he lost to Roman Reigns back at Extreme Rules last year and the character has since been taken away from TV.

Could this be Balor’s revenge plot? The former Universal Champion was once undefeated as The Demon King before being betrayed by a rope as part of an incident that was never explained nor brought up ever again.

This would be a fantastic way for Balor to take a stranglehold over the company and debut a new character that allows him to once again dip into his face paint collection.

One of the guesses in the Hangman game was DEMON, and there is only one real demon in WWE.

#4. Could Little Miss Bliss be Alice?

If this is the story of Alice In Wonderland and Bray Wyatt is in fact The Mad Hatter, then it would make sense for Bliss to be Alice. That being said, it can’t be ruled out that Bliss is the person behind the entire story

After all, she did use “The White Rabbit” lyrics on RAW and the lights did go out during her match against Bayley.

Bliss has been teasing making her return to a darker character and it was the former Women’s Champion who took the reins after Wyatt’s release. What if The Master isn’t teasing his return and the student has now stepped up her game? Perhaps Alice herself is now chasing The White Rabbit.

#3. WWE Hall of Famer Kane

Kane is another name that has to be mentioned since there was a tease that there could be a DEMON behind the story. In the most recent clues relating to The White Rabbit, the word Demon has been teased.

Many fans are unaware that Kane hasn’t actually retired from WWE and could make his return whenever needed.

Many fans would have overlooked his inclusion given his hectic role in politics at the moment, but history has taught us that in WWE it’s always worth thinking outside of the box.

#2. Aleister Black/Malakai Black

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