Jim Cornette warns “smarta*s” WWE star not to mess with Roman Reigns for real

Former WWE personality Jim Cornette has told RAW Superstar Matt Riddle that any of the Samoan stars could legitimately beat him up.

Jim Cornette, on his Jim Cornette Experience podcast, stated that he doesn’t like Matt Riddle because the RAW star is a smarta*s in real life. Cornette alluded to Riddle’s comments in the past where he said that he could legitimately beat some WWE stars.

The former WWE manager warned Riddle not to mess with Brock Lesnar or any of the Samoan wrestlers like Roman Reigns because they can legitimately beat him up.

“And the thing is, ’cause I know he’s some kind of goofy, smarta*s in real life [which] doesn’t help. Always running his mouth about Brock or Roman or somebody [saying], ‘I can beat you up for real.’ Got news for you motherf*ker, you want to f*ck with a f*cking Samoan, I don’t care if you can heel hook ’em or not, they’re going to eat your f*cking eyeball before you have the chance,” said Cornette. [1:29:30-1:29:58]

Cornette then had some advice for Riddle on what he should do in the future.

“If he puts some f*cking shoes on, cut his hair, stop the goddamn rabbits from rushing out of his a*s on his entrance, whatever the case,” said the former WWE personality. [1:30:00-1:30:14]

Cornette recently said that Riddle had “no wrestling to him” and that he doesn’t get the hype surrounding the former UFC star.

What did Matt Riddle say about WWE world champion Roman Reigns?

In an interview in 2021, Riddle mocked Reigns’ “acknowledge me” phrase and said that The Tribal Chief is only famous because he’s related to The Rock.

The RAW star also told the Undisputed Universal Champion that he can beat him up in a real fight and told him to shut up.

Despite their differences away from the ring, Reigns and Riddle faced off in the ring earlier this year on SmackDown, where The Tribal Chief defeated the former NXT star and retained the Undisputed Universal title.

Who do you think would win in a real-life fight between Roman Reigns and Matt Riddle? Comment below!

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