The Bloodline member details a unique “healing process” for the faction

WWE star Sami Zayn recently suggested that The Bloodline has begun mending their internal relationships.

The bickering between Zayn and Jey reached a boiling point this week as The Bloodline lost a tag team match against The Brawling Brutes. Roman Reigns came out to the ring and asked the two to stop behaving like children. The Tribal Chief asked his cousin to find his inner “Ucey” before things get out of hand.

On SmackDown Lowdown, Megan Morant caught up with The Bloodline to get a sense of how things were going down within the faction. Zayn mentioned that things were rosy for the stable and that they were heading out for dinner at a Waffle House.

Later on Twitter, Sami clarified that the healing process had begun and the two men were putting aside their differences for the greater good.

WWE Hall of Famer feels Vince McMahon would have enjoyed The Bloodline’s segment

While the differences between Sami Zayn and Jey Uso were apparent this week, the “Honorary Uce” did manage to get some laughs out of his stable mates.

“When you watch it, I promise you, you’re gonna be laughing and smiling too,” said Henry. “It’s impossible not to watch that and have a f**king smile on your face. Like Vince McMahon is sitting back somewhere right now and going, ‘Hahaha, that’s good s**t.’ He always said the business was brought up to bring smiles on faces and to get people to be in suspended belief. Those two things happened last night on primetime.

Henry detailed that wrestling was about putting smiles on people’s faces and that’s exactly what the segment did this week.

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