WATCH: MMA Star Teaching the Undertaker a Flying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Move at UFC 42

The Undertaker gained fame for his long and accomplished career in WWE. The Deadman was the mainstay of the company for 3o years. During this time, he became popular for his WrestleMania streak, among other things. Apart from his love for wrestling, he is also an MMA fan. In fact, he has attended quite a few UFC events and follows the sport keenly.


The Undertaker even added an MMA move to his vast arsenal while wrestling in the late 2000s. He used the Gogoplata, termed Hell’s Gate in WWE, as one of his finishers during that run.

In an unearthed video clip, a big MMA fan shows The Undertaker out of character backstage at UFC 42 with fighter Matt Hughes, with the fighter teaching Taker a flying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu move.

Matt Hughes showed The Undertaker which finisher he would use in WWE

About 20 years ago, The Undertaker would not have looked out-of-place inside an MMA ring given his love and knowledge of the sport as well as his athleticism in WWE. However, the Phenom decided against but still incorporated some elements of martial arts in his move set.

During his run as the American Badass, he was making more public appearances than he had before. The character allowed him to be more Mark Calaway than ever before. It was during this he attended UFC 42 and saw Matt Hughes pick up a win over Sean Sherk.

In the video, Hughes tells the WWE legend that if ever got into WWE, he would use the flying armbar as his finisher. Moreover, he had Jeremy Horn demonstrate the move to The Undertaker.

he Undertaker looked on and further posed for photos with Team Miletich and talked to the rest of the team. One can see the respect these people had for Taker and were excited to have him around.The Big Evil may not have used the flying armbar in WWE afterward, but he did develop a fighting style similar to that of MMA fighters. Although he used the Gogoplata, it would’ve been fun to see The Undertaker pull off a flying armbar in a WWE ring.

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