Roman Reigns vs. Logan Paul might exceed WWE and fans’ expectations at Crown Jewel, claims legend (Exclusive)

Roman Reigns and Logan Paul will headline a stacked Crown Jewel show. Pro-Wrestling veteran Dutch Mantell believes the match will pleasantly surprise both WWE and the fanbase.

Paul will compete against pro wrestling’s biggest star in only his third match. It’s clear that WWE is capitalizing on the YouTuber’s online popularity despite his inexperience in the ring.

WWE has received criticism from some quarters for booking the first-time-ever match. However, Dutch Mantell felt the company could not have found a better time to present a new and unique opponent for the Tribal Chief.

The former manager claimed that Roman Reigns and Logan Paul’s bout would garner more viewers than many of the great main events from the past. Here’s what Mantell had to say about the upcoming world title match on Sportskeeda’s Smack Talk:

“But like I said, I think they have done a great job, and I think it will be viewed by more people probably than a lot of some of the main events in WWE history. I think you will get a lot more than what they say they’re expecting, and I don’t even know what they are expecting, but what they are expecting, it’s going to go above that.” [13:07 – 13:30]

You can watch the entire video below:

Dutch Mantell says Roman Reigns and Logan Paul’s WWE match will get attention from mainstream media

Logan and Jake Paul have established themselves as legitimate draws in the boxing world and have consistently maintained their relevancy on the internet over the past few years.

Dutch Mantell stated that news outlets that usually cover other sports would also closely watch Crown Jewel’s main event. The kayfabe nature of wrestling shouldn’t prevent WWE from getting more eyes on the show, as Mantell said that Paul vs. Reigns would have a truly global audience:

“I think you’ll get more publicity out of this. I mean, this will be worldwide. I think all your big news outlets or sports outlets will pick this up, even though with the doubts about its legitimacy, they are still going to pick it up.” [12:10 – 12:26]

Professional wrestling hasn’t always gotten a lot of coverage due to the kayfabe nature of the business, but the situation has changed for the better in recent times. Dutch Mantell felt that WWE’s efforts in reaching out to different demographics were proving to be fruitful in the long run.

He added:

“I think this is the greatest atmosphere right now for them to have a match like this because before, let’s take it ten years ago or even further back. The media would say, ‘Ahh, that’s all set up. That’s all orchestrated. That’s all manufactured, but now, this is what they are doing.” [12:27 – 12:48]

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