“WTF kinda finish was that?” – Wrestling World reacts to major botch in Brock Lesnar match at WWE Crown Jewel

Bobby Lashley took on Brock Lesnar for the second time in 2022 at WWE Crown Jewel, and this time around, it was The Beast who came out on top.

While the booking here appears to set up a rematch between the two men down the road, since the two men are now even with a win apiece, the finish of the match appeared to be botched.

The WWE Universe has since taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the match, as Bobby Lashley’s shoulders were not actually on the mat for the three-count.

In order for a pin to take place, both the shoulders have to be down, and since his arms were up and around Lesnar at the time, they can’t be considered to be flat on the mat.

This was the opening match of WWE Crown Jewel, and it appears that the company started out with a strange mindset.

Was Brock Lesnar supposed to win a different way at WWE Crown Jewel?

Brock Lesnar picked up the win while being locked in The Hurt Lock, but it appears that he was supposed to push through and over Lashley in order for his shoulders to be flat on the mat.

Many fans have picked up on the botch and shared their thoughts on it on Twitter, with many believing that this could be pushing forward to Survivor Series.

There are others who believe that the referee botched the finish of the match and not Brock Lesnar since Lashley actually kicked out.

Fans also believed it was a good idea, but the execution from the two men didn’t go as planned. Bobby’s shoulders being up meant that the finish wasn’t as believable as it could have been.

Do you think the finish of a match was a botch? Share your thoughts in the comments section below…

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