“He’s the one who unseats Roman Reigns” – Former WWE star says SmackDown Superstar could end historic world title reign (Exclusive)

EC3 hasn’t ruled out the possibility of Sami Zayn dethroning Roman Reigns as the undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

It’s no secret that the ongoing Bloodline saga on SmackDown is the most riveting aspect of WWE’s programming. They have slowly and steadily become the most dominant stable in the promotion, receiving the loudest reactions from fans.

Though all the members of The Bloodline have shined, Sami Zayn has stood out, thanks to his tremendous character work. The Honorary Uce, whose inclusion in the faction was welcomed by fans, is now on the cusp of megastardom. Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s The Wrestling Outlaws, EC3 lavished praise on the former NXT Champion for naturally forging a connection with fans.

On a recent episode of Sportskeeda’s The Wrestling Outlaws, EC3 mentioned that though he hasn’t followed the entire Bloodline saga from week to week, he feels Sami Zayn’s character is an extension of his real-life personality.

“There’s no apex to what he’s (Sami Zayn) doing because, the way you described it, it seems like it’s getting over and has naturally, over time, grown and grown and grown. It’s amazing what talent can do when they are just comfortable in a role that they can have fun with and enjoy and jump into it. I don’t watch a ton of it, but it’s probably 100 percent of who he is as a person, for Sami,” said EC3.

He then added that if The Honorary Uce continues to grow and fans keep cheering for him, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him “unseat” Roman Reigns. EC3 feels the best part of the storyline is that it wasn’t intended to reach the level it had.

“So, why can’t it go to the top? If people are reacting to it, what kind of moment can be sustained if it goes all the way through, and he’s the one who unseats Roman Reigns? The craziest long reign in WWE history. To have that happen because it’s naturally built, there’s no intention for this to be a thing as much as “Yeah, we’ll throw them in, whatever,” added EC3 (1:27 – 2:31).

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Roman Reigns was rumored to lose one of his titles at WWE Clash at the Castle

Heading into Clash at the Castle 2022, fans were expecting Roman Reigns to drop his undisputed Universal Title to Drew McIntyre. However, as it turned out, The Tribal Chief retained the gold, thanks to timely assistance from Solo Sikoa.

A recent report from WrestleVotes highlighted that Reigns was slated to lose at the premium live event, albeit only one of his titles. The angle would have involved Austin Theory and Tyson Fury also getting involved. Eventually, though, the “convoluted” angle was scrapped, and Reigns walked out with both titles.

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