New face of the company. Roman is going Hollywood” – Twitter erupts as WWE legend backs Cody Rhodes to dethrone Roman Reigns

The wrestling world has reacted to Ric Flair’s recent comments. The Nature Boy has admitted that he wants to see Cody Rhodes dethrone Roman Reigns.

During a recent edition of the To Be The Man podcast, Flair backed The American Nightmare to make history by dethroning the current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion

Reigns recently surpassed 800 days as the Universal Champion, he unified it with the WWE Championship after beating Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 38.

In reaction to Flair’s comments, the wrestling world seemed divided. While some fans want to see Rhodes win the title, others aren’t ready for a world where The Tribal Chief isn’t the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

Check out the Twitter reactions below:

Mr.J 🃏


@WrestlingWCC What has Cody done to deserve a title shot and wanting him to dethrone my tribal chief?




@jackwhite214 @WrestlingWCC Came back as a megastar, huge brand, same style as Logan


Alesha Burton


@WrestlingWCC I believe so but long as Cody Rhodes earn the opportunity! He has done pretty good for his self in the past few years has also Roman reigns has! It’s better to see the wrestlers earn their opportunities! And not handed their opportunities like a certain WWE female

@WrestlingWCC we all do rick we all do

@WrestlingWCC Aside from the dream match of The Rock vs Reigns, this is a WrestleMania worthy match. Having Cody come back to beat Roman and become champ. The pop of the crowd, and the electricity in the room would be insane. Make it happen.

Nick C


@WrestlingWCC It’s going to be Cody. He’s going to be the new face of the company. Roman is going Hollywood

@WrestlingWCC They fumbled so hard with having Drew not beat Roman at Clash at the Castle. If Roman ain’t losing to Cody then fuck we always got Seth I guess but dammit it should’ve been drew

@Pablotheduck084 @WrestlingWCC Nah. If drew won we wouldn’t have the bloodline/Sami arc and i guarantee this ongoing storyline is better than anything drew could have done. So it was the right decision
@WrestlingWCC I’m not interested in this match at all
Better be Sami

@WrestlingWCC A classic story of Cody returning from his long rehab as a surprise RR entrant, winning the whole thing, and going after Reigns at WM and finally winning the big one. Yeah, I would totally buy into that.


@WrestlingWCC We all do pal



@WrestlingWCC That’s something i agree with


@WrestlingWCC I think we all want that.

Vince Russo believes WWE could bring back CM Punk to face Roman Reigns

Vince Russo believes that WWE should bring former world champion CM Punk back to the company for a potential showdown with Roman Reigns.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s The Wrestling Outlaws recently, Russo claimed that Punk should put his career on the line against The Tribal Chief if he returns to the company. He said:

“Listen, if they knew how to freaking book, with the lack of talent that they have, you gotta bring him straight away at Reigns. Maybe it is; maybe the gimmick is, ‘Maybe this would be the last match, or I’m gonna be the champion and get a contract with the WWE’. And you know what, either it is Royal Rumble, or either is the backup plan for The Rock at WrestleMania, he would have to come in.”

Roman Reigns has defended his Universal Championship against some of the biggest names in the industry, including John Cena, Edge, Brock Lesnar, Daniel Bryan, and others.

His latest defense of the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship was against Logan Paul at Crown Jewel.

Would you like to see Cody Rhodes dethrone The Head of the Table? Sound off in the comment section

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