5 WWE tag teams that can challenge The Usos for the undisputed titles next

The Usos have done it. WWE’s top tag team made history during the latest installment of SmackDown by defeating The New Day and securing the distinction of being the longest-reigning tag team champions in the promotion’s history.

The WWE Universe watched with bated breath as the two iconic teams went back and forth. Fans were elated with the exchange as commentator Wade Barrett compared its intensity to that of a WrestleMania match.

Now that this epic rivalry between The Usos and the New Day is over (at least for now), the question is, what’s next for the brothers? Several talented tag teams within the WWE roster are now hot on The Usos’ trail.

Check out these teams that could potentially take those belts from them.

#5. WWE tag team The Dirty Dawgs could be a good matchup against The Usos

After The Bloodline’s Wiseman – Paul Heyman – randomly paired Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode, the two superstars just clicked. The impromptu team-up was tested at Clash of Champions 2019 and won the WWE RAW Tag Team Championship from Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins.

Dubbed the Dirty Dawgs, the duo even won the SmackDown Tag Team Championship in 2021 by defeating The Street Profits. These accomplishments prove that they can take on The Usos if given a chance.

Bobby Roode is, as of late, on the injured list, though reports claim that he could return soon. It can be recalled that he has been out since late June and underwent surgery back in September.

If he returns, the probability of him and Ziggler reuniting to form The Dirty Dawgs is pretty high. Jimmy and Jey better be ready if that happens.

#4. The O.C.’s Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

Before the recent return to WWE, the duo was billed as The Good Brothers. They have come a long way as tag team partners and have made their way to various wrestling promotions like IWGP, Ring of Honor, Impact Wrestling, and a brief stint at AEW.

Gallows and Anderson have collected many accolades under their names. These include winning the IWGP, IMPACT, and RAW Tag Team Championships a couple of times.

The O.C. is currently at odds with The Judgment Day, so probably after this feud, WWE’s creative team could work out an angle for them against The Usos.

#3. The Imperium’s Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci

Gunther’s henchmen would also make an interesting matchup against The Usos. After their reformation on SmackDown, they have already impacted WWE’s blue brand in just a short time. Their Ring Leader successfully defended his Intercontinental Championship and became involved in a feud with Sheamus and the rest of The Brawling Brutes.

For the uninitiated, before being called upon to the main roster, Kaiser and Vinci were NXT’s Tag Team Champions on several occasions.

The Imperium and The Bloodline recently faced off during a house show in Germany. The match was well-received by WWE fans there. It would be nice if the WWE Universe could witness their polarizing wrestling styles on live TV.

#2. The Viking Raiders

Erik and Ivar of The Viking Raiders got some bad blood towards WWE’s top tag team. Fans might recall that during this year’s Elimination Chamber, The Usos viciously attacked them before they could even step into the ring.

It was perceived that the brothers felt threatened by Erik and Ivar, hence the attack. Perhaps they were correct in their approach because how can someone still fight after being splattered by a 300-pound Viking like Ivar?

They got some payback, though, in an episode of SmackDown. Despite their brute strength, they still came up short as Jimmy and Jey successfully defended their SmackDown Tag Team Championship. Now, it’s time for a rematch.

#1. The New Day could challenge again

The Usos are now the new record holders. However, this does not mean that this epic WWE feud is already over. Indeed, it’s far from being as such.

Somewhere down the line and after the dust has settled, The New Day and The Usos will cross paths again, but such an encounter has yet to be seen.

Things will get interesting if Big E is also around for good measure. The latter will ensure that none of the other members of The Bloodline will interfere during the match.

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