[Video] When a Bloodline member was seduced by WWE NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose

Current WWE NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose previously tried to seduce Jimmy Uso during her feud with his wife Naomi a few years ago.

God’s Greatest Creation invited Jimmy Uso to her hotel room on the January 15, 2019, episode of Friday Night SmackDown. As the current Undisputed Tag Team Champion entered the room, he found Rose waiting for him in a robe before removing it to reveal black lingerie.

As Rose tried to seduce him, Uso asked her to stop. At that moment, a photographer emerged from hiding and captured a few photos of the two superstars as Rose stood in front of Uso in her lingerie. He then stormed out of the room.

While Uso seemed surprised, Rose told him that she never really wanted him, stating that she despised his wife and that these photos would destroy Naomi’s life. As the current Bloodline member left the room, his wife surprisingly entered to engage in a brawl with Rose. However, the current leader of Toxic Attraction managed to overcome Naomi and escape the room.

Naomi and Rose feuded for several weeks between late 2018 and early 2019. During their rivalry, God’s Greatest Creation attempted to destroy Naomi’s marriage by going after her husband, Jimmy. She tried to kiss him under mistletoe, sent him suggestive photos, and came out in a towel during one of his matches. Rose and Naomi also squared off in a few matches in which they exchanged victories.

In a backstage interview on SmackDown, Rose disclosed why she wanted to ruin Naomi’s marriage, stating that The Glow destroyed her relationship with her boyfriend after being tough on her during an episode of Tough Enough in 2015.

“I went home and I cried, and I cried until I developed a complex so bad that my boyfriend just couldn’t take it anymore. He dumped me! Naomi ruined my relationship so I went after hers,” she said. [1:46 – 2:04]

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Mandy Rose recently got engaged to a former WWE Superstar

While competing in Tough Enough, Mandy Rose met former NXT star Tino Sabbatelli at the WWE Performance Center. The two developed a friendship that later became a romance after Rose and her ex-partner Michael Lubic called off their engagement.

The couple’s relationship came to light in 2018 when they attended the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony together. After dating for about four years, Rose and Sabbatelli announced their engagement last September.

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