I threw him around like a little kid” – Brock Lesnar’s recent rival sends a stern message to WWE roster after decimating The Beast Incarnate

Brock Lesnar is one of the most fearsome wrestlers on the WWE roster. However, The Beast Incarnate was brought down to his knees during his recent match against Bobby Lashley, who had a message for his fellow stars.

The All Mighty has been in destruction mode since his feud against Lesnar started. After assaulting Seth Rollins, Mustafa Ali, and Austin Theory on RAW last week, the former WWE Champion took on Ali in a singles match this week. Lashley also sent a warning to Seth Rollins before making quick work of Ali.

Speaking on RAW Talk after the show, Bobby Lashley assured that he would inflict damage upon whoever stands across the ring with him.

“It’s not anything new, it’s just what I’ve come to understand here. You have to take what you want around here because if not, you get walked over. I played in Mr. Nice guy for way too long and I started to get to this point. A little birdie came and told me in my ear [that] if you just start hurting people and taking people out, who’s going to stop you? I kind of thought about that and it’s true.”

He also reflected on his brutal match against Lesnar at Crown Jewel while claiming he is now a changed man.

“The biggest, baddest person around [is] Brock Lesnar and I threw him around like a little kid. So now after that, I come in with a change of heart and a different mind frame with everything else. Still a nice guy, but I’ll hurt anybody that steps in the ring with me from now on.” [0:01 – 0:39]

Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley are two of the most intimidating wrestlers on the WWE roster. The duo has faced off against each other twice, with Lashley defeating Lesnar at Royal Rumble while The Beast Incarnate scored a win at Crown Jewel.

Their match at Crown Jewel ended with Lashley standing tall, although it was Lesnar who won the match. The outcome led many to speculate that the two could soon lock horns in a rubber match.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer recently reported that while Lesnar vs. Lashley III is bound to happen, WWE may save it for WrestleMania next year.

Brock Lesnar has not been seen on WWE programming since his win at Crown Jewel. Bobby Lashley, meanwhile, has been wreaking havoc on the RAW roster while consistently taking digs at his rival.

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