WWE Rumor Roundup – 3-time US Champion does not want to return, Massive plans for Brock Lesnar’s next match, Update on former world champion after recent health issues By

Welcome back to another edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s daily WWE Rumor Roundup, where we gather all the top stories in and around the professional wrestling world.

We began the latest roundup with a possible rumor killer regarding a former United States Champion’s return as he apparently has no plans of leaving AEW.

Brock Lesnar’s name has also reemerged online as we head towards Crown Jewel, and it won’t be long before fans potentially see The Beast Incarnate on their TV screens again.

The rumor roundup ends with an important update regarding the health of a two-time world champion. On that note, here are the day’s top stories:

#1. Miro allegedly isn’t amongst the AEW talent who wish to return to WWE



Triple H’s appointment as WWE’s Chief Content Officer has changed the dynamics of the wrestling business. Talent who didn’t wish to work with WWE are now seemingly open to interacting with Triple H’s team.

WWE is allegedly interested in re-signing many former stars, most of whom are currently employed by Tony Khan’s AEW.

Miro (fka Rusev) was said to be one of the performers who expressed his desire to return to his former employer. However, there is apparently no truth to the rumor, as revealed by Wrestling Observer’s Ryan Frederick. It was clarified that AEW wrestlers whose partners are with WWE are the only people considering jumping ship:

“Miro does not want to go back,” Ryan Frederick said on the Observer forum. “The only guys that really want to go back are the ones who have significant others with the other company,” said Frederick.

Miro was released from WWE in 2020, while his wife, CJ Perry (fka Lana), was ousted from the promotion a year later in June.

#2. Potential backstage news on Brock Lesnar’s return

Brock Lesnar has been on one of his routine breaks since the epic world title match at SummerSlam 2022 against Roman Reigns. Vince McMahon is no longer the boss, but Brock Lesnar will likely be involved with the company’s biggest shows under Triple H.

It was recently reported that WWE had planned for both Goldberg and Brock Lesnar to wrestle at the upcoming Crown Jewel event. However, Ringside News noted that while The Icon is not scheduled for the show. Meanwhile, Lesnar could soon return to set up his next match.

The report didn’t reveal The Beast’s opponent, but as things stand, the former Universal Champion will potentially wrestle at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia on November 5.

“Ringside News was told by a tenured member of the creative team that Goldberg is not working the Crown Jewel show in Saudi Arabia. That being said, Brock Lesnar is “working” the event,” reported RSN. “We were unable to confirm who the Beast Incarnate will face in Saudi Arabia.”

Xero News had also revealed that the writers are contemplating having a rematch between Lesnar and Lashley at the Riyadh show. However, we’ll have to wait and see if Triple H leans in that creative direction.

#3. Possible update on Drew McIntyre’s health

As reported earlier, Drew McIntyre has been down will a severe case of food poisoning, which forced company officials to remove him from last weekend’s live events.

McIntyre battled through the illness and somehow appeared on SmackDown after receiving IV treatment backstage. However, the company decided to pull him from multiple events, and many fans inquired about the former world champion’s status.

PWInsider stated that The Scottish Warrior’s health has improved, and he is scheduled to show up on the upcoming SmackDown episode. WWE has a few creative plans lined up for McIntyre, and he is expected to be back to resume his storyline with Karrion Kross.

Here’s what Mike Johnson reported regarding Drew McIntyre:

“For those who have asked about Drew McIntyre, WWE sources have confirmed he is figured into creative plans for this week’s Smackdown and is expected to return to the road for live events this coming weekend after a bad case of food poisoning last week,” via PWInsider.

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